July 28, 2015


Two weeks ago, I went on a short trip to London with two of my friends. We've known each other since high school and came to visit the fourth of our group, who currently lives in London. Best thing: we took the bus instead of the metro. It was so much fun to see the streets, boroughs and people, which you don't get to do from under the ground. Bonus: we didn't have time too see a lot of things, but this made it all worth it as we saw so much more. Other: we've seen The MouseTrap, running for it's 63th year, which my mother went to see when she was the same age as I am now. Notting Hill, Portobello road. Taking our time of to eat a piece of cake, a hamburger, or drink a gin tonic. (No rushing means having twice as much fun, I finally discovered :). And last: Tate Brittain.
All musea are free, and as we got a spare sunday morning before our plane left, this was the perfect way to spend our time.

I also wanted to visit the Westminster Abbey (because I've always remembered the funeral of Princess Diana), but at saturday morning, it was crowded with tourists, and we we're glad to find an escape at the Victoria Embankment Gardens. A beautiful little park, a highlight which we just bumped in to.

Top photo: Bonnington Square, near Vauxhall Station. Second: St. Martin's Theatre, located at West Street. Third and further: Buckingham Palace; a window in Notting Hill; Tate Brittain, located at Millbank (tip: look to the other side of the Thames and you'll see the building of the MI6, as seen on Skyfall - James Bond).

And.. best of all tips: bring a selfie stick! You'll feel like a total idiot, but believe me, you'll come home with the best and funniest group pictures you've ever seen!

[holiday pictures, What Rose Likes]

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  1. Hihi ik lees dit nu pas. <3 voor de selfie-stick ;)


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