July 25, 2014

Deventer op Stelten 2014

My summer holiday started this week, and after a very hectic last week at work, it's more than welcome! I'm finally organizing all my pictures of the last four (eeks!) years and pasting them in my photo album. Enormous job, and I didn't look forward to it, but once started, I must admit that I really like doing it.
Here are some of my latest images of Deventer op Stelten, from two weeks ago. I really enjoyed the beautiful show of Teatro Só (on the green bench), which you can watch here. Also loved the fun acts of Collectif Malunés, Beau Geste (the man dancing with the excavator) and Compagnie des quidams in their nomad clothes which blew up to big white snowmen. 

[Images by what rose likes]

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