June 25, 2014

Alex Vargas' Howl

I really like listening to a CD. It's so much more than a simple download, because it has a nice cover and you can just 'hold it'. I also love to play my parents records, for the same feeling. 
This CD from Alex Vargas was my latest purchase. A really beautiful one, bought at one of my favorite shops: Tiger. It has a dreamy sound and makes me a bit melancholic. Listen to it here

'Born in Copenhagen but based in London for much of his life, 25 year-old singer-songwriter Alex Vargas has quietly clocked up over 1 million YouTube views and been referred to as a 'superstar in the making' by leading music industry tastemakers in both the UK and the US.  'Howl' is a collection of personal songs that Alex describes as, ‘For my loved ones, and some lost ones’. All songs are produced by Alex and his guitarist Tommy Sheen.' (Tiger)

[Image via Tiger

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