February 21, 2014

Picture love 6

Line Klein is a danish editorial photographer. She is specialized in food, lifestyle and travel and has been published in bestselling books and popular magazines like Elle Interior. As mentioned on her website: 'Texture and light is her thing, and Line Kleins signature aesthetics leave every client with a tangible, sensual take on Scandinavian cool.' 
This picture love is taken at the Norwegian restaurant Lysverket. I love the picture for its simple colors, which make me think of an old still life. Find more of her work here.

Picture love is an initiative from Stephanie Koster from Coos-je. At this moment MirandaAntine, AnnekeGerdienMaritChrisWendyJessica and Cindy join this initiative. Want to join? Send an e-mail to Stephanie.

[Photograph by Line T Klein]

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