February 22, 2014

Goodbye to Ikea's Expedit, hello Kallax

I listened to the news yesterday and heard that Ikea stops the production of the Expedit storage units. I was really surprised. Almost e-ve-ry-one has the Expedit, even I. In Germany vinyl record collectors panicked and started a facebookpage 'save the expedit', as for vinyl records it's the perfect storage solution. But no worries, they are replacing the Expedit for the new Kallax. Same internal dimensions, but the thickness of the wide outer edge is slimmer. 
Reason: Ikea uses one percent (!) of the world's wood supply. That's 17.8 million cubic yards of wood. It's used for, amongst others, the veneer of the Expedit. Making the outer edges smaller, saves material costs and wood. Fun fact: I've always liked a thinner outer edge, because it's more in line with the small shelves. Good decision Ikea! 

And if you like the old design better: just go to the Jysk. The Bilbao has the same design, and is even cheaper. 

[Image via Gizmodo]

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