February 27, 2014

Around the web 4

Found out that the last time I did a round-up of websites was months ago. That's really long! Time flies. Work, drawing class, holidays, months go by quickly. So time for a new one :). 

  1. The instant comfort pocket box. A good solution for miserable days.
  2. Went to the bookshop Waanders in de Broeren. Beautifully situated in an old church in Zwolle. Worth a visit!
  3. The beautifully pictured food blog Manger by Mimi Thorisson.
  4. Akward silence? Fill it up with funny facts. Always something tot talk about.
  5. DIY wrapping paper, I should really make some time for such great DIY's.
  6. Clean and comfortfood photography by Wij zijn Kees.
  7. This housecruch of Lalalovely: the home of Caroline Z. Horely.
  8. Want to be remembered of a fun trip? Buy a cushion of your destination.

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