October 6, 2013

Emma Gale

Sometimes I like something and I just can't explain why. This is a good example: the paintings of Emma Gale. They are quite stubborn looking ladies, and I don't know whether it'll lift up your mood when hung on the walls of a room, but they are so fascinating. They look alike and are at the same time totally different.

Gale about her work:
I love colour and adore pattern. I am a self confessed colour junkie. My inspiration comes from global roaming. I am mesmerized by different cultures, their dress and their adornments. From the beaded guls of Afghanistan to the tribal jewels of Pakistan. I love to mix patterns , the floral, the geometric, the stripe, the intricate infusing bold with subtle. I love to play, to mix and match using textures using crayon, pencil, feathers, fabric trim buttons and any bits that take my fancy! (source: emma gale)

See more of her work here.

[Images via Emma Gale]

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