October 23, 2013


If I could take that portable home to just one place, I would take it to the surroundings of Edinburgh. I was talking to one of my sisters the other day, and with the trees turning bright orange and red, we were both remembering our sister-trip to Edinburgh. 
Three days -actually five, because the flight captain was sick and therefore we had to take a flight two days later (!)- we explored the city and the countryside. In Edinburgh we drank whiskey in the Whiskey museum, went to the nutcracker christmas shop, walked through Harry Potterish-streets and districts, and took a ghost tour at the graveyard. But one day we decided to take the car and drive to a little town called Stirling. It was September and autumn and wonderful. I could imagine me living there. Wide views, colored trees, scottish towns, green fields. Calm and timeless. So that's where I'd put it.

[Images courtesy of What rose likes]

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  1. Wow, yes, great memories. Want to travel back again right now :-)! Eve


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