October 16, 2013

ABC 3D and Numero by Marion Bataille

Wow, these beautiful pop-up books by Marion Bataille made my day. They look so clean and are so beautifully composed. Every page come with a surprise. I think it took her ages to make it and the result is stunning. Brilliant books to teach children count and the alphabet. You should really view this and this youtube-film in which you can see how it is to wander trough the pages of the books!

Bataille was born in 1963 and lives and works in France. She is a widely published graphic artist and illustrator, who also works for the Pompidou Centre and Le Monde. ABC 3D was her first book, 10 and Numero (shown below) her second and third. 

You can buy the book Numero and ABC 3D here or here.

[Images via musestores.de; Wannekesgessato]

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