September 25, 2013

Labyrinth Psychotica

I work in a mental health care company and yesterday I read something I was quite fascinated about. So I'm gonna share some scientific/arty information with you about Labyrinth Psychotica. Yeah, a random post :). 
One of the things I do for my work is helping the care program commission for psychotic disorders (writing evaluations, tracking news, preparing meetings). For me, it's all paperwork and really hard to imagine what it is to really undergo a psychosis. Now artist Jennifer Kanary Nikolova has developed 'The Wearable' and ' The labyrinth'  to simulate a psychosis.

It looks terrible and fascinating at the same time; watch the films on the website for an impression. In a state of psychosis 'one might hear voices that others do not hear, see things that others do not see, and have beliefs that others do not share, often causing someone to act, speak and think in unfathomable ways'. 
I don't even know if I would dare to try it out, which says a huge thing about people that are confronted with this disorder. Take a look at her website to get an impression, but you can also book or visit a workshop. 

[Original images via Labyrinth Psychotica]

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