September 14, 2013


I've mentioned Deyrolle already in my Paris Shopping post, but this shop is so extraordinary, that it needs a little bit more space than just an address and description in a shopping guide.
La Maison Deyrolle exists since 1831 and offers materials for natural science. This means zoology, botanic, mineralogy, as well as insects and shells collections and mounted animals of any kind. In February 2008 a terrible fire destroyed the cabinets of curiosities as well as the entomology room and a large part of the historical collections. Deyrolle has been saved by many of its fans (including Hermes) and could reopen the store in the fall of 2009. Today, the store is as beautiful as ever. (Source: Deyrolle)

I read about it in the Dutch magazine Linda, and went to the shop a few years ago. You walk in via a little department with garden materials and when you go up the stairs, you find rooms filled with cabinets and mounted animals. From an elephant to a bear and from fragile insects and butterflies to animal skeletons. I couldn't believe my eyes! It feels like walking around in a fairytale.  

Go there, and you'll experience the same! You'll wander around for an hour and once you've been there, you will always return to it when you are in Paris (at least, I have). You can find Deyrolle at 46 rue du Bac, Paris.

[Images of the fire via Telegraphhollisterhovey; Adamson Gallerythe lateness. Images of Deyrolle as it is today via/from Ondine & Mermaids; cool stuff in Paris; Hip Paris Blog; Deyrolle; What Rose Likes]

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