August 29, 2013

Around the web 3

Let's end August with a few links that I liked these last months: DIY projects, homes and blogs posted elsewhere. Especially that hallway cloud, it makes me long for the fall! - Enjoy

  1. The beautiful Pinterest board Colors from Mette Kirstine Brinch.
  2. A little summer cabin, decorated with a holiday feeling.
  3. What a lovely photo's of this girl from Mokkasin; find the tutorial for the garland here.
  4. Awesome people reading is a fun tumblr! (Yes, it's Robert Downey Jr.)
  5. Packing gifts is one of the things I love to do most. It will be even better with these printables.
  6. Make your own hallway cloud doormat with this tutorial from My Scandinavian Home, gorgeous. 
  7. A house of concrete with a warm feeling to it, it's possible.
  8. Wooden molds for making envelopes, handy!

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