August 16, 2013

100 years of tour de france prints by Neil Stevens

In Paris, I came across these beautiful prints, designed by Neil Stevens. Stevens is a creative illustrator, image-maker and graphic artist, based in St. Albans and London. To celebrate the centenary of the Tour de France, he created a selection of 12 stages from each decade of the Tour. Each print has a colour motif that hints at the graphics and colours found on the tour.
'2013 is the year of the 100th Tour de France. Over the course of its history, the Tour has witnessed legends in the making. However, the likes of Anquetil, Merckx and Hinault may come and go they are not the only form of the race that has become famous over the years. Just as important to the history of the event are the numerous towns and cities, mountains, climbs and descents that change each year.'  (source: Neil Stevens)

What a great designs! I had almost bought 1987, as that is my birth year :). For more designs, visit his website. You can also buy the prints there.

[Images via Neil Stevens]

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