July 3, 2013

Wall lights

I was searching the Internet for inspiration on wall lamps above dining tables, but there were really no results. So apparently i’m ahead of time (or the only one with a small table placed against the wall, with zero space for a table lamp and no power outlet above it). 
Wall lamps in kitchens, bedrooms, above fireplaces and working desks are yet fully integrated. Let’s just wait for wall lamps above dining tables. For me that is the best solution at this moment, and I think it would look great. At the moment I really like this one or this one; but I’ve not made my final decision yet.. Read further to find out where you can buy some of the wall lights pictured.

The wall lights I've been able to trace are (from left to right, from top to bottom): 1 Workstead wall light; 2 House doctor CB0205B; 5: Gubi Bestlite BL5; 6 Pennyweight limited edition lamp.
Does anyone know where the black one in the fourth picture is from? Would love to hear, because that is one I also really like!

[photo's via Iain Claridge; mustaovi.blogspot.com; myscandinavianhome; emma's designblogg; Pinterest (original source unkown); Pennyweightgoods ;Designskool]

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