July 5, 2013

Picture Love 1

You don't need much to create a warm summer feeling: a rooftop room with a steel framed window, some green, a rusty fan and a bit of evening sunshine. Looks so good! (and you don't even have to make your bed)

Picture Love is an initiative from Stephanie Koster from Coos-je. At this moment Miranda, Antine, Conny, Martine, AggyAnneke and Elvera join this initiative. Want to join? Send an e-mail to Stephanie.

[Picture via schoengeistig]

1 comment:

  1. Nice Pic! daar droom je toch van? geweldig!
    Leuk dat je mee doet met Picture*LOVE* Rosemarie.

    groetjes en een fijn en zonnig weekend!



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