July 24, 2013

Deventer op Stelten + Tienen

It was a bit quiet here last week: I've spent a weekend in Belgium and got sick afterwards. It took quite some time to recover, so at that time blogging wasn't the first thing to think about :).
While working on new posts, here's a nice shot of the Deventer op Stelten festival (translated: Deventer on Stilts, a Dutch street theatre festival in my home town). 
And further below a few photo's of my weekend in Belgium. Most of them are taken in Tienen, a very nice small town, and one is of my beautiful borrowed bike. On sunday, I used it for a bike ride with my sister, which became quite a laugh, because the springs in the bike saddle were totally absent. So although it was a nice ride, it was also quite painful :). It looks better than it sits!

[Photo's by What Rose Likes]


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