June 28, 2013

Oerol 2013

The Oerol festival is a theatre festival based in The Netherlands. Every June, the island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea is transformed for ten days into a natural stage for theatre, dance, street theatre and music. Al of this can be found in the dunes, on the beaches, in the woods and on the streets.

My experience: once you've been there, you go back. This was my fourth time. Watching theatre in the dunes, listening to music on the festival sides, going to the beach, meeting nice people: it's special, gives you a real holiday feeling and you always have a good time!
For the ones who have never been to Oerol: during Oerol you need to buy an entranceband (22 euro) to be able to access all the programme sections at the festival. For theatre, you will often need an extra ticket as well as you entranceband to get in. If you go to Oerol next year: make sure that you book theatre tickets when the sale starts, so you don't have to buy tickets on the isle itself during Oerol. We didn't buy tickets on presale, and found out that a lot of the shows we wanted to see were already sold out. 

For the time being, we booked three theater shows. On saturday morning, we visited the show of Via Berlin. The weather was good at first, but during the show it got worse and worse. Poncho's, raincoats; everybody tried to protect themselves against the rain. I got soaked, as I didn't expect rain that day :). The players and musicians just kept their performance going (while using classical instruments). Out in the open they also got soaked and had to stop. A shame, cause it was a good play (1). We also visited two other shows, of which Akwasi (with songs of Bram Vermeulen) was really impressive.

The rest of the time we visited expeditions, went to the beach and walked around in the villages. For me, the expeditions (arty projects in which you often can participate (4,5,6)) are one of the best things of Oerol. Before you go and see an expedition, you only know half of what is coming, as you can only rely on a vague description in the programme overview. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes weird or beautiful. One fun example of this year was Landloop, from Atelier GSBRT, in which you walk a square with use of a compass, with pictures taken of you every four seconds. After that, the pictures are blended, which shows a square of peopleYou receive the picture later via e-mail. Fun to do and it gives such a cool effect!

Overall, I had a really good time! See the pictures below for a short impression:  

1. Via Berlin: Home Sweet Home; 2. At Het Groene Strand; 3. Street theatre in the streets of West-Terschelling; 4. Listening to the composition 'De Passage' on the strekdam, made by Frans van der Horst (construction) and Pierre Sauvageot/Lieux Publics & Cie (music). 5. Sending my message into the world at the Archive of Forgotten Signals, by Jochen Stechmann and Birgit Wieger. 6. My filled tube with 'the Oerol-feeling' after witch I archived it by category in the middle of the woods (On Site, TU Delft); 7. Building a home of sand on the beach to experiment with new forms of using the beach, by Rijkswaterstaat and Cal Earth. 

[Photo's by What Rose Likes; logo via Oerol.nl]

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