May 29, 2013

La Belette Rose

La Belette Rose is managed by graphic, interior designer and copy-writer Cécile Valletoux. She makes beautiful graphic portraits with a clear and modern look. About Valletoux:
While living here and there, between France, Italy and the UK, she got the inspiration and even the urge to create La Belette Rose. Therefore, in her little house just outside Paris, Cécile draws, writes, makes and knits. And when she has some time left, she madly kisses the Beautiful Geek (but she makes sure she'll always keep some time for the important activities). (Source: La Belette Rose)
That last sentence just made me laugh :). Anyway: want to have your own little portraits? Contact Valletoux and she can make an illustration from one of your favorite photo's. Read more about that here and visit her shop for more ideas and items for sale.

[All images via La Belette Rose] Thanks, Marleen!

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