May 18, 2013

Cookie cutters from Printmeneer

Printmeneer is an Etsy-shop owned by Wouter. He (re-)designs ideas and prints these with a 3D-printer, with use of bio-plastic. Apparently he has some good ideas, because these cookie cutters look really good. About Printmeneer:
When I came across 3D printers I realized that with such a device the possibilities would be endless. Never ever I would have to search through the entire web before I would find what I had in mind. When Sinterklaas was in the Netherlands I wanted to make cookies with the shape of a miter. For some reason they were not available as a cookie cutter so I started to design one on my owm. Several test versions later I ended up with a nice design and thought that others might be interested as well. I opened an Etsy shop and sold 5 items within a day! (Source: Printmeneer)

Visit the website for more shapes. Prices range between 5-11 euro each. 

Via Design*Sponge. [Photo's by Printmeneer

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