April 5, 2013

The dark grey walls of the Rijksmuseum

After ten years of renovation, the Rijksmuseum has opened it's doors again. It's a museum that offers an overview of Dutch art and history from the Middle Ages onwards, and of major aspects of European and Asian arts. 
The news items were filled with images of beautiful corridors with dark grey walls. The dark grey kept popping up in my head, because it's such a great colour in combination with art (or furniture, thinking ahead). Underneath a 'little' impression of the renovated Rijksmuseum (it was hard to choose just a couple of images..) and a few examples of using dark grey walls in interiors.

The Rijksmuseum during and after the renovation

Dark grey walls in interiors

[Rijksmuseum image sources: rijksmuseum.nl; nrc.nl; anno1900.nlrefdag.nl]
[Interior image sources: Design*SprongeThe DecoristaDecorators NotebookHomelife]

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  1. Erg mooi inderdaad, alles komt mooi uit bij die kleur!


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