April 21, 2013

Six great homes

Six home interiors caught my eye on the Internet this month. View the links for the complete home tours:

  1. What a sweet children's bedrooms in this house - via Milk;
  2. The home of Mercedes Hernáez and Alejandro Sticotti, with a lot of wood, green and concrete. What a beautiful interior; I would immediately feel at home. - via Freunde von Freunden;
  3. A loft designed with a very good eye. Vey different from what's usually to be seen on the Internet home tours. - via Milk;
  4. This apartment is for sale at Stadshem. Living on just a few square meters, it's possible! - via Stadshem;
  5. This retro interior of Simone and Rhys Haag. - via The Design Files;
  6. Ok, maybe this is not about the interior at all :). what a beautiful house from the outside. - Via Sköna hem.

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