April 30, 2013

Koning Willem-Alexander

Starting today we have a new king (yay!): koning Willem-Alexander. It was a very historical ceremony, with a sweet goodbye to the old queen. Quite special to watch, as I had never seen it before. The whole city of Amsterdam was covered in orange, red, white and blue. The flags and banners visible in Amsterdam were designed by Koeweiden Postma. A beautiful design in which you could read both the ' WA'  of Willem-Alexander and the ' WM' of Willem-Alexander and Maximá. 

Update: my sister (she is graphic designer) designed congratulatory cards for the municipality Deventer on which you could write a thank you message to Prinses Beatrix and congratulations to Koning Willem-Alexander and Koningin Maximá. Also beautiful! The cards were later sent to the royal couple. She finally published them on her website, so get a view of them here.

[Image sources: nu.nl; vimeo.com]

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