April 24, 2013

Ellen Davidzon

Ellen Davidzon is a contemporary figurative painter. I really admire her loose style of painting. Without being precise, she gives an impression of a moment in life. Her seaside works remind me of my childhood vacations, so I would love to have one of these. Ellen about her work:
'Often, I paint as if my life depends on it. It feels like I am in a hurry, eager as I want to learn so much more. I feel the need to depict things, people, my surroundings, atmospheres as they come to me. It is not my intention to paint reality but paint it the way I would like reality to be or be remembered. Snapshots of life flavoured according to my taste.People in motion, moments of positive energy, I like to paint my ideal world.' (Source: ellendavidzon.nl)

From top to bottom: Bergen aan zee; petje op; 't leven is verrukuluk; meiden aan de waterkant. All are available paintings, visit her website ellendavidzon.nl for more.

[Images from ellendavidzon.nl]

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