March 30, 2013

Boyfriend in a bottle

Now this would be an easy solution for a lot of us ;)! Forget giving your friend a normal present on her birthday, when you can give her this: a boyfriend in a bottle! It only costs you $12. Made me laugh out loud..The hilarious details:

'Each Boyfriend comes in his own tiny bottle home, equipped with a cork, string, and eye pin, for your carrying and hanging pleasure. He is then packed safely with sawdust in a miniature, rough cut crate that is sealed with a packing label. Many candidates were interviewed, but only those with a 5 star rating and sweet temperament were approved as Boyfriends. Just as in life, the look of your Boyfriend is by random chance.' (Source: shopSparklyPony) 

You can buy it here. [Images by shopSparklyPony]

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