February 20, 2013

Mr Wilkinson's Favourite Vegetables

Standing in a bookshop, I always judge a book by it's cover first. Maybe not the best selection method for a good book, but it is the way I do it :). A good-looking book is just way more attractive to read!
Last month I read the book Mr Wilkinson's Favourite Vegetables, written by chef Matt Wilkinson, which is really worth looking into. It has a beautiful lay-out: fresh and green, with a thick cardboard cover. I am not a really good cook, so I can't judge the recipes, but I'll just stare at the photo's until I try one out.. About the book:
"It’s quite simple. Thinking about the vegetables first is how I cook. I look to the season we are in to get my ideas about what will be on the menu where I’m working or what I will eat at home that night, and there is no better way to find out what is in season than looking at the often underrated vegetable. I build my dish around what vegetables are in season because this is when they will be the cheapest, most readily available and, most importantly, taste the best — and surely this has to be the most important factor when cooking." (source: eatlove.com) 


[Images via eatlove.com; thefoodsage.com.au; booktopia.com.au; booksforcook.com.au]

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