July 11, 2013

DIY: an upgrade of Ikea's Fjellse bed frame (also in Dutch)

When I was moving to my studio, I didn't want to spent too much money on buying a bed. But nice bed frames are expensive ones, so I was left with a few options that I didn't like at all. But then my dad came up with the idea to upgrade the cheap Fjellse bed frame from Ikea. And so I did, with good result! 
Some people choose to upholster the bed frame, but this option is way more easy and cheaper, as it only involves some paint and the addition of a hardboard plate to the frame.

Instruction (voor Nederlands, klik op read more)

You'll need: Fjellse bed frame (double); hardboard plate sized 57,1x18,5 inch (145x47 centimeter); 0.9 inch nails; sandpaper; primer; paint (in the colour you want, for my bed white satin paint RAL 9010 was used). 

1. Build the frame following the instruction of Ikea.
2. Sand the wooden frame and the hardboard plate and apply a coat of primer. Make sure that, besides the front, the sides of the hardboard are painted as well.
3. Sand the wooden frame and the hardboard again (lightly) and apply a coat of paint (when necessary, add a second coat). 

4. Nail the hardboard plate to the headboard to the bed frame, and your done:

Nederlandse instructie

Nodig: Fjellse bedframe (140x200); een plaat hardboard van 145x47 cm.; spijkers (ongeveer 2,3 cm lang); schuurpapier; grondverf; verf (in de kleur die je wenst, voor mijn bed is witte zijdeglansverf RAL 9010 gebruikt).

1. Zet het bed in elkaar volgens de instructie van Ikea.
2. Schuur het bedframe en de plaat hardboard en zet beide in de grondverf. Zorg er bij de plaat hardboard voor dat zowel de voorkant als de zijkanten geschilderd worden.
3. Schuur het bedframe en de plaat hardboard nogmaals (licht) en zet beide in de zijdeglans verf. (eventueel herhalen wanneer de verf de eerste keer nog niet goed dekt)
4. Spijker de hardboard plaat vast aan het hoofdbord van het bedframe: en je bed is af!

[Photo's by What Rose likes] Thanks dad (and mum for the painting)!


  1. Awesome idea! I just bought the frame and will be doing this for my toddler's new room. Thanks for the idea :-)

  2. Evite excеsso de palаvras-chaves. E tudo na faixa!


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