February 16, 2013

Sweden #2 - Emporia

Besides visiting the beautiful nature and skislopes in Sweden, we also did some shopping while we where there. On the road to Sälen, we spent the night in Malmö and came (by total coincidence) by the Emporia: a beautiful new shopping center. It is really worth a visit, because of it's beautiful design on both the inside and outside. The architect firm is Wingårdhs. Even the shops inside are in line with the design of the building. Underneath a little impression.

Also worth a visit: 
- Hunkydory (clothing brand)
- Lanthandels (local shops with reindeerskins, dalahästs, etc.)
- Granit (beautiful storage solutions)
- Bolia (furniture)
- the Max (the Swedish McDonalds, and a good one!)

[Images by What rose likes]

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