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May 20, 2015


Painting course ended this week. Last month I painted this baby giraffe, based on an image from the animalprintshop.com.


[Image by what rose likes]

November 9, 2014

Deventer today

Sometimes you just have to give it a go again and restart. Like this afternoon - I just couldn't resist. The views on my short walk to the supermarket made me stop like ten times, picturing the sky and this beautiful city.

[pictures by what rose likes - iphone]

September 3, 2014


Hi there! I've enjoyed a good vacation and am back to work for almost three weeks now. But.. I decided to take a break from blogging. I'm busy with new things (buying my first real house :), trying out yoga, starting with my painting courses again) and my inspiration for blogging is lacking.. And as I don't want to post things that I don't really really like, I'm leaving these pages blanc for the time being. Here's some last good inspiration from around the web. See you, maybe in a short while, maybe in a little longer.

  1. 50 books everyone should read.
  2. Tant Johanna writes an always inspiring blog. She posted about these nice cups from Falcon Enamelware.
  3. Lovely children's artwork by Famille Summerbelle. These paper puppets make you smile.
  4. This interior in Amsterdam. 
  5. On the list to visit: Staalbergven. Zilverblauw, a beautiful blog I only just discovered, took beautiful pictures of it. I can't copy them without permission, so take a visit!
  6. Beautiful black and white pop-ups by Mengyu Chen. Via Mr. Printables.
  7. If you ever dreamt about a walk-in closet, this should be it. It's perfect!
  8. Fun website De Koffiefilters. All about coffee.

[Coffee picture via blog bluff]

July 25, 2014

Deventer op Stelten 2014

My summer holiday started this week, and after a very hectic last week at work, it's more than welcome! I'm finally organizing all my pictures of the last four (eeks!) years and pasting them in my photo album. Enormous job, and I didn't look forward to it, but once started, I must admit that I really like doing it.
Here are some of my latest images of Deventer op Stelten, from two weeks ago. I really enjoyed the beautiful show of Teatro Só (on the green bench), which you can watch here. Also loved the fun acts of Collectif Malunés, Beau Geste (the man dancing with the excavator) and Compagnie des quidams in their nomad clothes which blew up to big white snowmen. 

[Images by what rose likes]

July 12, 2014

World Cup stamps

Came across the World Cups stamps on Pinterest. Aren't they great? Strong design by Moon Studio Design. Love the diagonal grid.
For our country the game is almost over. We were kicked out at the semifinal. Today is the match for third/fourth place. Would be great if they win, they played such a good game!

'With the announcement of 20th FIFA World Cup edition it came to your mind to do self initiative project about it. This eventually led us to look at a strong, playful and eye-catching concept.With Motion as the main principle  — sense of traveling and sport. It felt natural and the most logical approach creating a diagonal based grid system,  it helps with the visual rhythm but it also gave the composition formal context — energy, suggesting a feeling of movement. Since we had to represent 32 nations and color is naturally emotive we choose just 12 colors (including variations) to form a strong and balanced aesthetic,  the most  obvious advantage is that it gives them a distinguishable unique visual language.' (Via Behance)

Visit their tumblr for the individual stamps.

[Images via Behance]