July 12, 2014

World Cup stamps

Came across the World Cups stamps on Pinterest. Aren't they great? Strong design by Moon Studio Design. Love the diagonal grid.
For our country the game is almost over. We were kicked out at the semifinal. Today is the match for third/fourth place. Would be great if they win, they played such a good game!

'With the announcement of 20th FIFA World Cup edition it came to your mind to do self initiative project about it. This eventually led us to look at a strong, playful and eye-catching concept.With Motion as the main principle  — sense of traveling and sport. It felt natural and the most logical approach creating a diagonal based grid system,  it helps with the visual rhythm but it also gave the composition formal context — energy, suggesting a feeling of movement. Since we had to represent 32 nations and color is naturally emotive we choose just 12 colors (including variations) to form a strong and balanced aesthetic,  the most  obvious advantage is that it gives them a distinguishable unique visual language.' (Via Behance)

Visit their tumblr for the individual stamps.

[Images via Behance] 

July 9, 2014

DIY world cup t-shirt - it's the semifinal!

Last saturday I went to a bar with friends to see the quarterfinal Holland-Costa Rica. It was so much fun, what a match! Only problem was, that I had nothing orange to wear, except for a belt. Whoops. But then I thought of this: just take some orange washi-tape and a white t-shirt (or whatever you have). Cut the washi-tape into letters, stick them to your t-shirt and done! Easily to remove when the game is lost ;). Go Holland!

Orange washi-tape from HEMA, flower fabric washi-tape from Intratuin. T-shirt of H&M.

[photo by what rose likes]

July 6, 2014

The home of Fatti and Pierre in Brussels

This loft is located in Brussels, Belgium. It was an old hat factory, which now captures homes, an art gallery, offices and accommodations. The whole concept was designed by Pierre and his brother Pablo, and decorated by Pierre and Fatti. Read more about that here.
It's such an original decorated space. Love the damaged floor, the kitchen element with the wooden hood, and all those art and books. It really expresses their warm style. You would just pick up a book, take a seat and read.

[Photo's by Louise Desrosiers] Via Milk

July 2, 2014

Summer things

Since I did a test to check out my color palette (via color me beautiful), I know I must go for pastels. I was really surprised to see what a difference it made to my face. Pastels just lightened me up, while bright colors made my face look pale. Iek..  
So now I'm shopping for pastels. Clothing and furniture. Two summer favorites from this moment: this cotton sun shade from Terrain (what a brilliant shade, much better than al those wind screens we took to the beach in the old days) and this bikini from Anthropologie. Matches my color palette perfectly.

[Images via Terrain; AntropologieThe Foundry community]

June 25, 2014

Alex Vargas' Howl

I really like listening to a CD. It's so much more than a simple download, because it has a nice cover and you can just 'hold it'. I also love to play my parents records, for the same feeling. 
This CD from Alex Vargas was my latest purchase. A really beautiful one, bought at one of my favorite shops: Tiger. It has a dreamy sound and makes me a bit melancholic. Listen to it here

'Born in Copenhagen but based in London for much of his life, 25 year-old singer-songwriter Alex Vargas has quietly clocked up over 1 million YouTube views and been referred to as a 'superstar in the making' by leading music industry tastemakers in both the UK and the US.  'Howl' is a collection of personal songs that Alex describes as, ‘For my loved ones, and some lost ones’. All songs are produced by Alex and his guitarist Tommy Sheen.' (Tiger)

[Image via Tiger